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Stock Market College (Pty) Ltd Disclaimer

  1. Stock Market College Pty Ltd or any of their employees, agents or distributors are not:
    • authorised financial services providers, representatives or intermediaries, or render financial services in respect of financial products as those terms are defined in the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act, 2002 (“the FAIS Act”);
    •  authorised users or stockbrokers, or render securities services in respect of securities as those terms are defined in the Securities Services Act, 2004 (“the SS Act”);
    • registered with, or authorised or approved by the Johannesburg Securities Exchange (“JSE”). Similarly, save for the acquisition of information and data relating to trading on the JSE and the right to distribute such information and data, their products are not registered with, or authorized or approved by the JSE;
    • authorised by Stock Market College Pty Ltd to represent to any person that he/she/it renders financial services or securities services, or are in any way approved by or associated with the JSE.

  2. Stock Market College Pty Ltd and their employees, agents or distributors do not warrant, represent or otherwise guarantee, expressly, impliedly or tacitly that the use of any product sold or service provided by them would result in any particular outcome, and especially profits or returns, such products and services merely serving as general guidance and the provision of data and information which I may, or may not use in the making of investments of any nature whatsoever, including but not limited to investments in or the purchase and/or sale of financial products as defined in the FAIS Act or securities as defined in the SS Act;

  3. In the premises, neither Stock Market College Pty Ltd or any of their employees, agents or distributors (jointly or severally) shall be liable unto me or any third party for any damages or other loss I or any third party may suffer, be it direct, indirect, special, consequential or punitive as a result of my/the third party’s use of any product sold or service rendered by them, or the failure or unavailability at any time of such products and services, hereby admitting that any decision made by me or any third party to invest in any financial product or securities (as defined) shall be my/the third party’s own decision, and that any such investment is inherently risky and may result in loss or damages to me/the third party, hereby in any case waiving any such claim for damages or loss I may have or acquire against them or anyone of them with full understanding of the nature and consequences of such waiver, and hereby indemnifying and holding them harmless in relation to any such claim.